A slightly different about us page

Very often, when reading About Us pages, you will be surprised at the amount of fluff that is added to them. This About Us page starts with our Founder, Antonie Geerts, introducing himself and his signature honest and direct run-through of the journey in creating what Seditio is today.

I’m Antonie Geerts and I founded Seditio Limited in Ireland in 2014. After working in the IT industry for over 10 years and seeing how other agencies do it, I was confident we could create a much better agency that offers a lot more transparency and real value to our clients.




About the Seditio


Starting an agency at the age of 30 with a 1-year-old to feed, living in an expensive city such as Dublin, and having virtually no savings on hand was a challenge. On top of that, some ex-colleagues probably wanted me to fail. This struggle and initial hardship helped shape our agency. With the support of our first clients, Trevor, Deirdre, Una (you know who you are), I managed to get some small projects that kept the lights on.

Because they trusted in me, in delivering a solution that is best for them, and by always being honest and transparent on our approach, the “I” turned into a “We”. Hiring freelance consultants for certain aspects of any project kept us growing and allowed us to accept bigger and larger contracts. So much so, that in 2017, I opened up a second office in Cebu, the Philippines. Here, we could afford to take on bigger projects while remaining competitive in pricing. On top of that, we could develop our own solutions, tinker, and play around with the latest technologies and eventually implement everything we learned into our client projects.

To date, we have developed 4 Commercial Cloud-based solutions for our various clients. These range from Reputation Management Platforms, Property Management, and Airport Management Systems. We use cutting-edge technologies at all times from machine learning, AI, and prediction modeling systems to worldwide cloud solutions and integrations.

Now, many years later, there is a true About “US” in Seditio with an amazing team of skilled developers, designers, project managers, and more. Writing this, I’m looking forward to our coming years and adding to the next set of timelines in the About Us section.



Here are some of the key milestones we have achieved throughout the years.

2014  ·  Founding of Seditio Limited in Dublin Ireland.

2015  ·  Our first complex project with payment integration, SAP integration, and complex booking mechanisms.

2016  ·  Growing the team and client base to include two Airports and a major insurance company

2017   ·  Expanding our capabilities by opening Seditio Asia in Cebu, Philippines

2018  ·  Created an Analytics-AI system for prediction modeling and finished a reputation management platform for one of our clients.

2019  ·  Developed our Aerodrome Safety Management Platform SaaS now used across multiple Airports

2020  ·  Finalized our Property Management SaaS platform

2020  ·  Adding additional business process outsourcing services